new bullet journal weekly spread

I use a bullet journal to save time and sanity and I was discovering that writing beautiful daily spreads was on the edge of doing neither. It was fast becoming overwhelming and fidgety and I needed to streamline it while still maintaining its usefulness.

bullet journal weekly spread | seekthewelfare

Enter this weekly spread. I wanted it to be extremely simple and easy to use while still utilizing every inch of space. Now I only set up pages once a week but still get to enjoy it all week long.

The left page of the spread has a classic daily spread integrated with a gratitude tracker.

bullet journal weekly spread | seekthewelfare

Each individual day has its own slot for birthdays, meetings, events and bills to pay as well as the menu plan. Each evening I sift through the past day and find down one moment or theme that I am grateful for and place it next to that day. I can't tell you how encouraging it is to get to the end of a horrible week and look back at those glimpses of joy or safety that were sprinkled through it.

bullet journal weekly spread | seekthewelfare

Below the week lies another box for events coming up in the following week and a place to put a theme that I saw during the week or one that I want to focus on for the week. 

The right page of the spread has repeating weekly chores, a to-do list for the entire week, a snapshot of the month, a sleep tracker, and a water tracker.

I mark my sleep in black and add in naps with grey to get a fuller picture of how much time I actually slept. The dotted lines remind me of my ideal goal and make it that much easier for me to push myself to drink more or get in that extra nap after a hard night.

bullet journal weekly spread | seekthewelfare

Most likely my favorite aspect of this new spread is doing a weekly to-do list instead of a daily one. Not only do I save time by only writing each task once, but it also places them in the context of the week. Instead of having ten new things to do every day, I have five things I've already done and ten things I still have to do. 

That change alone has made all the difference in my mental head space.

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