a new position

After two years of working in the same school as a substitute, I am officially hired on as staff! The early mornings are back and the days are filled with new energizing challenges and so many adorable faces.

2018-07-11 14.32.04.jpg

I’ve found myself in the magical land of SPED Preschool. While I dearly deeply miss my students from the past two years, there are a great many possibilities that open up from officially stepping onto staff and focusing in on a narrower group of students. With a lead teacher who knows her stuff inside and out and the most kindhearted and competent fellow teacher I could have asked for, this year is looking like one of huge growth for me just as much as for our students.

Already I’ve been able to coordinate the biggest art project I’ve ever dared to, become the unofficial resident artist AND found myself playing ukulele every day to our students during our circle time. Take THAT thirty before thirty!

So here goes. A new school year, new students, and the whole year ahead of us.