making room for a writing desk

It seems like so long ago that we carried our first little desk from a block away, wrestled it up our stairs, and set it excitedly in the corner of our apartment. Not much has changed for that little desk. It still sits next to the bed below our instruments in the same spot we first set it down.

The biggest change? It's not the only desk.


Last summer I helped a friend downsize and pack up the house where she raised her sons. In the process, she offered me the amazing privilege of taking her mother-in-law's writing desk. The moment it found its place in our room, it has been part of home. It took the place of a bookshelf crate bar-cart tower and has worked magic.

We so rarely add any new furniture pieces to our space that it still feels new and novel. And yet, even so, it looks as if it has always belonged.


That handsome hand-stamped snail on the desk is by Bilbury Woods, a small shop you should definitely keep your eye on.