a little yarn magic

As our apartment moves and shifts to accommodate a new piece of furniture, the floor space for my knitting basket has disappeared, leaving me with the perfect opportunity to create something I've thought about doing for a long time...


It's a common crafter/knitter/crocheter dilemma: the possession of the most delicious yarn and the inability to use it. I'm always fighting the urge to stash my favorites away and never use them, just in case I use them on the wrong project and discover that I have utterly wasted its potential for perfection.

Of course, the yarn continues to be wasted as long as it sits in a drawer, unused and unseen. So! Whenever I can muster the courage (which has been more frequent with practice), I choose my favorite yarn and make something out of it.


This project has been the perfect excuse to pull out my absolute favorites because I'll always get to see, feel, and enjoy them. What better way to celebrate beautiful yarn than to wrap up my needles and hooks?


The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter in Sap, Woodsmoke, and Fossil. *WARNING: looking through Brooklyn Tweed's website will make you want to compulsively buy yarn whether you usually create with yarn or not. 

I used half double crochet for the whole length of my mason jar cozies to put focus on the yarn's texture and color. Moogly has a similar and well-laid out pattern over here.