goodness me

These last several weeks have been so full of beauty and chaos so here is a simple bullet list because I'm still getting my feet back under me.  Hopefully this photograph can make it look a tad more polished.

  • February sunshine (my absolute favorite in this apartment) melting into spring flowers at every turn.
  • Fighting with computer issues which meant that I couldn't upload or edit photographs (and a new laptop purchase).
  • Endeavoring to stay on top of writing curriculum even as the classes I'm teaching shift and change.
  • Starting and finishing a ceramics class (hey-oh hand-thrown plates and bowls on the table!).
  • Beginning the official blueprint process for a future house (and the long long process of learning everything I possibly can about building).
  • A long-awaited, better-than-could-be-but-still-intense family health diagnosis and all of the life-shifting that comes with it.
  • Renewing the apartment's lease for another 12 months and rejoicing in rent stabilizing.
  • Various apartment projects that I've been putting off for ever so long because we've been on the edge of moving for a while and now we get to just settle in for another year.
  • Learning how to ask for help.
  • Discovering that I can't apply for new teaching applications until August and therefore spending yet another summer unsure of what my job situation will be like the following year.