coming fall

My knitting basket has been the first sign of fall this year. Grays and blues have shifted over to greens and oranges as Christmas stockings take first priority.

coming fall | seekthewelfare

I felt fall in the air for the first time two weeks ago as I walked across the crunching gold of my childhood home's lawn, and again in a slight crispness to the shade deep in Bainbridge woods.  This year it has been subtle and quiet and certainly hasn't touched the city yet other than ad campaigns in the chain-store windows.

The rush of school beginning is oddly dampened by being a substitute, though I'm more than happy to scrape together every last second of summer that I can, content in my ability to simply wait for the sixth to arrive without stress over lesson plans, IEPs, or classroom politics. It will come, but for now I'll enjoy these last few days. 

Is fall finding its way into your life yet?