biking at night in paris

Biking at night has always been a particular favorite of mine.

The cold air, the hot breath, tall boots and a slim skirt, full of good food and warm conversation.

The glow of the restaurant is still wrapped up in my coat as the Moulin Rouge flashes by. A woman, already drunk, leans heavily on a railing. A tourist in Louboutins leans heavily on a tall man.

Dodging in and out of cars, between street lights, and away from carelessly tossed cigarettes, I pedal my way quickly down Boulevard de Clichy to Boulevard de Rochechouart.  Storefronts start to look familiar and I dismount, clicking the bike into a station around the corner.

Settling back on the ground, I catch my breath and start the walk home, all the while dazed by where I find myself.

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