dear room 8

correspondance continue avec les occupants de la pièce huit

continued correspondence with the occupants of room eight


Hello again friends!

Ichabod here again. I've been practicing my french. Can you tell? So far I can ask for a baguette in the bakery but my favorite phrase is "Je parle un petite peu de français" which means "I speak a little bit of French." Very handy when people think I'm Parisian even though I'm hanging out with MIss Katie who is obviously not from around here. 

The picture of me was one I took down by the river Seine (said "sehn," not "sane" I've learned). I was very bored when I took it because Miss Katie was sitting for a very very long time painting the bridge and building behind me. It's the Grand Palais, or Great Palace. It's where everyone goes when the great artists of Paris nowadays gather together to show off their work just like in the big convention center in Downtown Seattle. 

dear room 8 | seekthewelfare

Oh! And you asked about statues...there are a whole bunch of them! They're everywhere in fact...I'll add some more lower down...but this one is my favorite because I think it must be very hard to look so dignified when there's a pigeon on your head. Do you think you could look dignified with a pigeon on your head? My being so small means they would probably just eat me, which also wouldn't be very dignified, but I'd rather not think about that.

So...moving on! Here are some more of those statues I was talking about...

You also asked whether there is a zoo here. There absolutely is! There is even a whole Disney World too, but Miss Katie says we're not going. She'd rather walk around the city for miles and miles with me stuffed into her bag. Oh well. I guess I'll have to go to Disney World another time.

Miss Katie hasn't taken me to the zoo yet either (pffff) but here is a picture of some of the animals that are here in Paris...more pigeons! They are EVERYWHERE! Even more than in Seattle and they are FAT. I guess it's because they get to eat all those pastries that people drop.

dear room 8 | seekthewelfare

Another really cool thing in Paris is the flee market. People bring a whole bunch of old stuff from masks from other countries, vases in all colors, and real sea sponges from the ocean. I thought of you guys when I saw this one person had brought a whole bucket of pincers kind of like the ones we use to feed Brownie!

Well, I should go now. Miss Katie is trying to get the keyboard away from me which isn't very nice -- she should really just ask politely, right?! -- but she really wants to say hi. So, what do you want to know about next? I'll hunt it down for you and write you another letter soon! 

-- signing off,


Hello friends! It's Miss Katie.

You should know that I did ask Ichabod very nicely if he would let me write to you -- he just ignored me. For half an hour! He's just grumpy now because he likes writing to you so much. 

I am so excited that you get to build a go-kart, S! I got to build an engine when I was in school, but it was just a lego one. Do you get to learn about gears too? What are you guys working on in writing class, E? And Am, what books are you enjoying reading? There was a fly in our apartment the other day and I almost squished it. But then I thought "wait...what if it's fly guy on a secret mission!?" So I let him go. Au, what about you? Are there any exciting books you've gotten to pick out lately? J, C, and K: What are you guys learning in social group? Is the bunny still being mean? Oh! And what about Brownie! Is she getting even bigger? *gulp*

I miss you very much. There are so many beautiful things here to see like winding streets and interesting foods, but I do miss getting to spend time with you all. Coming up soon Roommate, Ichabod and I will be packing up our bags and traveling to London, another really big city over here. We'll be taking a train that goes deep under ground beneath a huge channel of water. People call it the "chunnel" because it's a tunnel under the channel!

England, where London is, still has a Queen and I'll be sure to show you a photo of her palace!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and I look forward to writing again soon!

Lots of love,

Miss Katie