quiet days

We have always been strong believers in taking the time to be still. Quiet is an absolute must for us, particularly on longer trips where we're gone weeks at a time. After quite the day yesterday with museum research and concentrated writing for Roommate and street-sketching, painting, wandering, ordering from a restaurant, buying stamps, and meeting new friends at a tapas bar late at night for me, we decided to splurge and enjoy a day in. Paris kindly obliged and rained most of the day.


True, I felt the guilt sneak up on me from behind whispering "but you're in Paris! There are endless things to do and you have to go do them all!" But, to attempt to do all of those wonderful things would mean that the little I could accomplish would be hollow, terrifying, and ultimately meaningless.

Besides, when a slow day means popping over to the bakery five doors over for two fresh baguettes for salami, cheese, and pickle sandwiches, popping into the grocery store for tonight's wine, and eating pastry-crust apple pie (which I baked in our toaster oven!), then I think they are well worth one's time. Not to mention the quiet hours at the window painting, writing, and research.

Yes. Well worth the time I think.

What is your opinion on quiet days? Do you crave them? Do you find them pointless? Join the conversation over here on facebook.