before lunch

It was a quiet walking day. Thwarted by the crowds curling around the Musée d'Orsay, we changed our plans and simply wandered along the Seine to Il De La Cite and Notre Dame.

Walking on these streets and down these boulevards feels surreal. I keep on waking up in the morning utterly confused as to where my mundane dreams end and this strange reality begins. As the days pass and I slowly grow comfortable walking the cobblestones and every rooftop doesn't ask me to pull out my camera, I am beginning to feel alive again. The numbness of culture fright is fading and in its place are colors, textures, and questions. Not many words, not many answers, but questions.

And that is an exciting prospect.

I am still filled with guilt every time I sit down and rest in the apartment -- I want to be up and out and seeing everything I can! But that would soon scare away this quieter, subtler, more stimulating curiosity that has just begun to show itself. So I'll keep walking. I'll keep starting by taking a picture instead of climbing up into all of these ancient towers. It won't stay this way. The time will come when climbing the tower will be the right thing to do but right now? Right now I want to foster the my energy for going into the grocery store or (more terrifying and JUST accomplished today!) buying international stamps (!!!). Something I've been putting off. But no more!

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