Yoga for travelers

While in Paris last April and May, it felt as though everything was coming at me all at once from every direction. If you've done any long-term travel I'm sure you understand the feeling. There is so much good and so much difference and so many expectations that it's easy to clam up into an anxious ball. I certainly have to fight against the impulse.

yoga for travelers | seekthewelfare

Something I tried to remind myself to do in those moments was to stretch, breathe, and go through a few comforting yoga positions to ease the tension in my muscles as well as ease the tension in my mind. From days with miles on miles of walking cobbled streets to sleeping every night on a less-than-ideal pull-out couch, there was plenty to work on.

Even the simple act of sitting quietly to determine what in my body needed attention proved helpful all on its own.

walking for miles on miles
sore calves & shins
     -- half splits left and right, up and down.
     -- standing forward bend
     -- one-legged v-splits
sore feet
     -- downward dog moving your feet
     -- cobbler's pose while massaging the bridge of your feet
     -- sitting with your feet under your hips, goes against the floor, heel extended upright

unfamiliar bed
sore neck
     -- mountain pose
     -- child's pose
     -- ear to shoulder neck rolls

heavy bags
sore back
     -- cobra pose
     -- thread the needle pose
     -- lie with your legs up the wall and breathe deeply
sore shoulders
     -- shoulder rolls
     -- cat cow pose
     -- arms pulled across your chest

unfamiliar food
unhappy stomach
     -- knees hugged to your chest, rock back and forth
     -- spinal two leg twist
     -- forward bend, sway back and forth