finding joy in simple morning rituals

It is hard to describe the happiness that welled up when I discovered a tea pot pushed far back behind the very sticky and half-empty sauce bottles that filled the kitchen shelf.

finding joy in simple morning rituals | seekthewelfare

I hadn't been looking, I certainly wasn't expecting to find one there, and hadn't dared to hope I would find one at all. But oh the joy of knowing that I could sit down to a comforting cup of tea even in the middle of what felt like constant chaos.

It has continued to be a stay and a comfort as we settle into the language, our tiny apartment, and our quiet morning routine.

finding joy in simple morning rituals | seekthewelfare

Waking up from dreams that feel more plausable than reality, I sqreek out of bed, pad along the cold wood-laminate floor to the even colder kitchen tile and put the water on -- poured into the sauce pot then onto the hot plate. Loud beeping accompanies plugging it in. More sqreeking from behind the door as Roommate rolls over. I pull down the mugs and honey jar.

By the time I carry the thin hot mugs into the other room, Roommate is sitting up, groggily reaching for her morning reading.

Diving back into the kitchen -- after putting on some socks for the floor -- I start breakfast. It comes in stages with Roommate's toast first to help absorb the tea followed by eggs for both of us. Nothing fancy yet. It'll come.

finding joy in simple morning rituals | seekthewelfare

As I finish the eggs, cooked scrambled in the same pan I boiled the tea water in, I return to the comparative warmth of the main room, set down Roommates breakfast, and settle into the reading nook. As she writes out her morning's work, I open the window shutters to let the light in, peach and rose through the curtains, and curl up with my Bible, notebook, and the previous day's memories. 

We work and sip on our tea for a lovely hour or so as the light gets stronger and our minds open up to the coming day's adventures.


In other news: I had two interactions today where no one spoke English to me! And one where he was very kind, spoke English, and helped me get blades for my safety razor. Four days in and suddenly stores are stores instead of mazes of fear. Step by baby step.

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