dear room 8

This is a letter to some of the coolest kids I know and the people they get to hang out with (who are also some of my favorite people). Yes, I used cool (which is a penny word), but I think it describes you all perfectly.

Dear Room 8 and Company,

After a train, plane, airport, another plane, rocketing across the ocean, and yet another train, we are safely in Paris! I'm still adjusting to this new and unfamiliar place so I thought I would have Ichabod tell you all about our trip! Here he is.

Hello! Ichabod here. I didn't get to see very much while the packing was going on because I was in Miss Katie's bag, but here's a picture of me just before we headed out the door early early in the morning.

dear room 8 | seekthewelfare

First, we headed off on foot to the Link Lightrail in Seattle, the same train that Miss Katie takes every day to come to school. I always think it's wonderfully nice to start a big trip somewhere familiar.

Next, before I knew it we were already through security at the airport, onto our plane, and up in the air! We got my very favorite seat...the window by the wing of the airplane. 

dear room 8 | seekthewelfare

Then, four hours later, we arrived in Chicago and found where our next plane was going to leave from. This one was much bigger with a big huge belly to keep all of the luggage. It was so awesome to see all of the different cars and tools that they use to get the plane ready for a long flight. My favorite is the boxy truck that they use to put all of the food on board.

We got on the plane and settled in for a long ride. It's almost eight hours in the air but that makes a lot of sense when you remember that you're flying over Canada, and the ocean, almost going over the arctic, over England, and then finally to France. It was pretty difficult for Miss Katie and Roommate to sleep, but I was super comfy all tucked into Miss Katie's bag.

At last we arrived in Paris at an airport called Charles de Gaulle. We walked straight to customs where we waited in a long line. Once we got to the front though, the border guard looked at Miss Katie's and Roommate's passports and let them in! 

The very last stop was one more train from the airport. I got to hold the super tiny ticket that they got from a machine. To use it, you insert it into the tollgate at the top of the platform. It spits it back out and then the doors open! If you ever come to France though, make sure to keep your ticket with you even while you're on the train. You'll need it to get back out of the station when you get off!

dear room 8 | seekthewelfare

A slightly confusing walk got us to our little apartment that's just a little bit smaller than Room 8. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a super comfy sofa that turns into a bed. But the best part is that outside is a really big, really old city with lots of art to see and delicious food to try. All of the trees are just starting to get their leaves just like in Seattle. It makes me nervous to think about going out there and trying to talk to people in a new language and having to do things in new and different ways, but that's okay. We're here on an adventure. Sometimes adventures are scary, but I think it's important to have them.

What have you guys been up to this past week? I'd love to hear about it. What're you learning in science? What's the latest art project? Have there been any particularly good lunches lately?

And of course you can ask me questions about Paris. Then we can all learn about it together!

All the best and here's to adventure!

(+ Miss Katie)