how to set your plantsitter up for success

Plants wouldn't seem like a difficult thing to care for. They are relatively simple, though living things. However, when you have as many plants as we do (thirteen going on forty), you end up with several different species with different watering schedules and light needs. 

So how does one hand off three windowsills of pots, dirt, and cherished living creatures without absolutely overwhelming the poor soul who has unwittingly volunteered to pour some water over them once a week only to find themselves in the middle of an emotional storm?


how to set your plantsitter up for success | seekthewelfare

First, create flags. Bamboo cooking skewers prove just the thing yet again when thrown together with some shipping label trimmings from The Sick Box. I'm in love and now want to make little flags for everything. 

Next, I numbered each one. Simple ballpoint pen is my go-to. If color makes you happy, use it. I barely stopped myself from watercoloring each one. Who knows what will happen next time I need to go on a trip.

how to help your plantsitter | seekthewelfare

Then, I gave each pot its own flag. The windowsills now look like a very cute crime scene.

how to help your plantsitter | seekthewelfare

Last, I wrote down simple watering instructions for each plant using its identifying number. Now there's no guessing or trying to remember detailed directions. The sheet details how much water, how often, and when to turn them so they get enough light.

No need to give them a torrent of seemingly unimportant information. No need for them to worry about forgetting something and killing your plants. You both win.

NOTE: You can also place your plants in groups of similar care thereby simplifying the process even further.

how to help your plantsitter | seekthewelfare

Have you ever had a plant sitter? How did you leave instructions? How? Comment below or let us know on the facebook page.