handknit herringbone blanket

After months of knitting and with only days to spare before our trip to Paris, I have finished handknitting a new bedspread. The past several weeks it has sat, overflowing my small knitting basket and, at last, it is now up on my bed in all of its soft, minimal, undyed warmth.

herringbone blanket | seekthewelfare

The yarn itself came from a dear knitter friend who moved out of a large house into a small apartment and wanted to give away some of her stash. The moment I set my eyes on this undyed merino and alpaca blend, I knew I wanted to make this blanket, herringbone stitch and all. And, yes, I may have been crazy to start such a big project, but here I am, alive, well, and blissfully happy curled up under the blanket of my dreams.

Here's to long-term projects turning out exactly how you hoped they would.

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