taking down the walls

When I first opened The Sick Box last September, I decided that I wouldn't write about it here on seekthewelfare because I wanted it to remain separate. I have since discovered that that is unreasonable. So much of my life is woven through with the rhythm of this little shop. So much of what I want to do, how i want to live, and how I see this world are wrapped up in it. Not writing about it means that I leave out huge swaths of where I'm at and what I'm thinking about. 

seekthewelfare | taking down the walls

I also discovered that my instagram @thesickbox has been stealing a large part of what I want to be writing here on the blog...those little details I want to remember.  As such, I will be reclaiming some of that content here...those everyday moments, thoughts, and feelings that crop up unexpectedly because I happen to be writing at the time.

So yes. If you follow Seekthewelfare and @thesickbox, you will get some repeat content. However, I know that both places will be enriched by my allowing them to co-exist in my brain.

Well, hooray! That's been bothering me for awhile.

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