why linens

I never thought I would buy linen sheets. I have always prided myself on being the type to buy only what I need and to buy it at a reasonable price. 

Yet here I am, writing about the linen sheets that I bought this past month. No, my paychecks haven't gotten bigger and I haven't come across  a windfall. I still endeavor to buy what I need at reasonable prices; it's my understanding of what that means that's changed.

Let me explain.

seekthewelfare | linens

Several months ago I realized that my five year old cotton sheets from college (no judging please) were, understandably, growing very very thin. With holes, faded print, and fraying edges, they were going to need to be replaced. Pretty much as soon as possible. However, as I looked around, I also realized that I didn't want to just buy another set of thin sheets that would wear out as quickly as these last ones did. I wanted to enjoy my sheets instead of feeling guilty for sending them to the landfill.

To avoid that, I wanted to get US made, durable, sustainably sourced sheets. Roommate, also badly in need of new sheets, went forth, researched as she does so well, and discovered Linen Shed.

Gorgeous colors, sturdy linen, handmade craftsmanship.

seekthewelfare | linens

One year ago, I couldn't even fathom paying over thirty dollars for sheets much less one hundred but, after saving up for a few months and carefully choosing my colors, I bought a set. Why?

These sheets will last the rest of my life and grow softer and softer with each wash rather than disintegrating within the next five years. And, more importantly, the money that goes towards these artist's craftsmanship will proliferate yet even more beautiful work in the future. 

This is me endeavoring to walk like I talk. Sure it meant that I slept on tattered sheets for longer than I would like and that I gave up some comforts during the months that I was saving, but how can I ask people to pay what my craft is worth if I don't do the same with other artists?

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