grandma's silver

Thanksgiving preparations bustled around us as she leaned her head close to mine and asked me if I would like her silver; asked me if I would really use it; told me about all the years that it's been treasured away, hidden first from little boys who stole spoons to dig in the yard and later out of habit.

grandma's silver | seekthewelfare

She told me about the one silver place setting they had managed to get and how she traded it for this plated set. She told me that it had been hidden away too long and how it should be touched, seen, and enjoyed.

So now it sits, tidy and glowing, in its little drawer, slowly growing into the rhythm of our every day.

grandma's silver | seekthewelfare

Looking at it, I think of all the holidays and dinners for bosses that this silver has been a part of and can hardly believe that I get to add this new chapter to its life; this chapter of morning grapefruit, simple afternoon tea, and hearty beef stew for guests.

"Use it everyday like I never did" she asked, so that is what I'm going to do.