lake crescent, shi shi beach and mount rainier

This is the third and last installment of our Olympic Peninsula adventure. Find the first one over here.


The morning brought even more sunshine and we ate breakfast and packed up our camp with light spirits.

Lake Crescent | seekthewelfare

Our first order of business was to slip down to the lake again to watch the light play with the water at the shore. I promise I didn't manipulate any of these photographs! These are the actual colors.

Lake Crescent | seekthewelfare
lake crescent | seekthewelfare

I particularly loved the morning sunshine playing through the bright green moss and blue campfire smoke.

And thus the last leg of our journey began as we drove up along the very north edge of the peninsula towards Neah Bay.

That's Canada. Being beautiful.

On our arrival, we took the easy (when dry!) two mile trail to Shi Shi Beach. I marveled yet again at the amount of detail in the forest. Massive trees preside gently over the smallest flowers and there is always something to look at.

This was my view looking back after successfully traversing the very last, very step section of the trail down to the sloping beach.

shi shi beach | seekthewelfare
shi shi beach | seekthewelfare

We arrived right on schedule to see the tide at its lowest. Every nook and cranny was filled with life and each pool sported its own collection of colors.

shi shi beach | seekthewelfare

After we finished out our sunburns and filled our cameras with photographs, we took the quiet walk back to the car and settled in for a long ride back.

We drove straight through to Seattle except for a single stop in Port Townsend to stretch our sore bodies and listen to a local band play on the wharf.

And what a sight met us on our return!

mount rainier | seekthewelfare

I do love adventures and I especially love camping, but their joy is so greatly heightened by having such a beautiful home to return to.