olympic peninsula camping shenanagins

Three women, three days, and Washington's entire Olympic Peninsula as our stomping ground! From Whidbey Island to Shi Shi Beach, we made the most of our short time and soaked in as much sun as we could.

olympic peninsula camping shenanagins | seekthewelfare

Here is the first installment of our adventures!


Starting out in the evening, we found ourselves on the Whidbey Island ferry just at golden hour putting us in the wonderful swirl of hot summer air being pushed aside by cool breezes off of the sound.

Few things make me feel as whole and clean as the sweet and salty rush of ocean air rushing past my face and into my lungs. It proved to be the perfect way to begin our time -- washed, refreshed, and energized. 

Whidbey Island Ferry | seekthewelfare

Once on the island, we drove past trees, farms, gas stations, and sheep fields to arrive at our for-the-night home. After piling out of the car, settling into the space, and grabbing our cameras, we slipped back out into the fading light.

It turns out that Whidbey has quite the rabbit population and they were making quite the show of it right outside the door. As Hilary endeavored to capture their little faces and Abby checked the mail, I soaked in the soft air and felt the warmth of the day fade slowly away.

The next day we headed out to Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, and Marymere falls! 

That installment will hit tomorrow on Saturday. Like seekthewelfare on Facebook for an automatic update or check back here at 2pm on August 27th!