plants for a windowless bathroom

I have finally managed to get a plant that is content to live in the windowless bathroom. At last. Plants in every section of our apartment.

plants in the bathroom | seekthewelfare

Because of the bathroom's windowless-ness, I chose a ZZ plant (or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia for long). They live happily under very low water and light conditions.

We've popped him in between the tub and the toilet which means he gets plenty of steam from the shower (for the weeks I forget to water him) and he also hides the toilet brush and plunger. Definitely a huge visual boost to the bathroom.

plants for the windowless bathroom | seekthewelfare

Most days we leave the door open a crack and slide him into the bar of light that comes through and every once in a while (mostly while we're gone on trips or whatnot) we pull him out into the main room for a light-bath. 

You can almost see him stretching and relaxing into the sunshine.

plants in the windowless bathroom | seekthewelfare

He's been with us for about a month now and seems quite happy and content with his lot. 

Next up: find him a bigger pot.

What house plants have survived and thrived in your home?