juicing with a vitamix

In an effort to up our nutrient intake, we've started juicing. Katie Jay's parents inspired us to start and it's been a fun experimental project that happens to also be delicious.

But there was a slight catch to starting.

juicing with a vitamix | seekthewelfare

We don't have a juicer. And we can't fit one in our kitchen, besides the trick of the extra expense. So that wasn't an option. But! I do have a vitamix, so that's where we started.

With the addition of a simple nut bag, it wasn't long before I could easily make batches of green juice for lunches and (sometimes) dinners.

A learning curve for me has been how any combination of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit is allowed. And tastes good. Each vegetable has something to add whether it's the sweetness of carrots or the bitter note of kale. As I have become more familiar with each juice's character, I have been able to start creating rounder, fuller flavor profiles. 

juicing with a vitamix | seekthewelfare

My favorite way to use the juice is to blend it with frozen fruit and sometimes a little coconut milk. It adds a little sweetness and a wonderful creamy texture.

There are hundreds of recipes out there for different green juices or smoothies that I haven't even begun trying yet but so far, here's my favorite basic juice...


1 bunch kale, washed
1 bunch chard, washed
4 cups water

Pop in the blender and blend until smooth

2 carrots, peeled and chopped
1 orange, peeled and sectioned

Add to the greens and blend until very smooth
Pour and squeeze through a nut bag or thin kitchen towel
Conserve veggie fiber for other recipes
Store for up to 5 days in the fridge

Do you have a favorite smoothie or juice recipe? Tell me about it on facebook.