local gin, please (and a summer cocktail recipe)

The longer I live here in Seattle the more local treasures I find. Vegetables, candles, fruit...this week? Gin.

local gin please, and a recipe | seekthewelfare

This particular gin (practically outside our door) has a wonderful citrus bite to it, making it a wonderful companion to minimalist or complex cocktails.

As Katie Jay continues to work on her cocktail game and grows her repertoire, she has also been working on gathering SCD/SIBO cocktail recipes as well. From local fruit concoctions to sugar-free bitters, she's always discovering new flavor combinations and re-working old classics.

local gin, please and a recipe | seekthewelfare

My favorite so far? The beautiful Gin Rickey.  It's a delightful mash-up between the ever-classic G&T and the freshness of a mojito. It also has the added benefit of being sugar-free by tradition, thereby making it the perfect drink for me to order at a bar. 

Complex enough to enjoy time after time, simple enough to teach it to bar-tenders who have never heard of it. My kind of drink.

local gin, please and a recipe | seekthewelfare


2 oz gin
1 fresh lime, halved
club soda

Fill a rocks glass with ice
Squeeze the lime juice into it and drop the rinds in
Top off with club soda

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