refresh an old yoga mat

As I head into my second week of actively folding habits of wellness and healing into my days, I have been giving special care to my yoga practice. And, as I bring intentionality into my movements and begin incorporating more difficult poses, I have quickly found that the rug that has served me so well for the past year and a half is harder and harder to use. It was time to start looking for a real yoga mat. And then I ran into trouble again.

I needed a yoga mat but I didn't want to buy a plastic mat. Also, while I would be happy to buy a natural rubber mat, I will need to save up for a bit. This left me with the option of buying a used yoga mat. As it happened, the following afternoon saw Katie Jay walking through the door with a yoga mat under her arm -- a free gift from the lobby. Thrilled and excited to begin in earnest the next morning, I encountered another hurdle:  it smelled of cigarette smoke. Not exactly what I wanted to rest my forehead on while breathing deeply.

But! All was still not lost.

how to refresh an old yoga mat | seekthewelfare

the make do

The solution proved extremely simple. I thoroughly sprayed and scrubbed both sides of the mat with a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water (my go-to all-purpose cleaner) and lay it over the shower curtain to air out. 

Once dry, I dotted the top surface with drops of essential oil (so many scent possibilities!) and rubbed it in with my hands.

Now whenever I roll my mat out I am immediately drawn back into the stillness I had when I closed it up the previous morning. With saving a yoga mat from the landfill, getting a free and exciting boost for my practice, and discovering a new way to leverage the power of scent, I'm quite happy with the results.

how to refresh an old yoga mat | seekthewelfare

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