homemade house plant fertilizer

I love house plants. Our apartment is filled with them. The longer we live here though, the more they are in need of a nutrient boost. The problem was that I struggled to balance my love of our plants with my disgust of chemicals and large plastic bags.

But! After poking around in our kitchen, I discovered a simple, zero waste, chemical-free solution that had been staring at me every morning for the past two years: tea leaves.

homemade house plant fertilizer | seekthewelfare

Not only is it chemical-free, it's probably already in your kitchen. Black tea is a particularly good source of nitrogen, an important nutrient for your plants that supports stronger growth and even flower production.

You can feed your plants with either used or new tea leaves. Simply snip open a tea bag and sprinkle the leaves around the base of your plant. Compost the tea bag and you're done!

homemade house plant fertilizer | seekthewelfare

Sprinkling each of my plants with a little black tea took only moments and ever since they have been perkier, greener, and far happier to soak up the first of the summer sun on their windowsills. 

And one of the best parts? I don't have to try and figure out where to put a large, crinkly plastic bag filled with chemicals I avoid whenever possible. Win win.

UPDATE: After a little poking around I've discovered even more fertilizing possibilities in my kitchen. Click through to Pure Nutrient's article on the subject and a whole lot more information on how to keep your house plants happy and healthy.