how i'm following the SIBO diet and eating my cake too

Two months ago, I started making some big shifts in my diet again. When I tell people that it has grown even stricter, they usually start fidgeting, go wide-eyed, or simply blurt out "How?"

following the SIBO diet and eating my cake too | seekthewelfare

It certainly hasn't been easy. I am now following the SIBO diet, a combination of The Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I was following before and the popular Low-FODMAP diet. We've also gone dairy free for Katie Jay. 

For weeks I struggled against disappointment and frustration at having all of my favorite comfort foods taken away again. Without almond flour or honey, most of my desserts fly out of the window from my favorite chocolate mousse pie to gingersnaps (thank goodness for banana ice cream). Some of our workhorse lunch and dinner recipes are also no longer safe. We're "put garlic in everything" people and I call onion "soup base." Particularly hard to see go are hot and sour soup and spinach and mushroom frittata.

So much time and care went into gathering and developing these recipes that I couldn't even look in my recipe book for a while. Katie Jay took over menu planning for a while and a dear friend and fellow sensitive body will be snagging some of her favorites to put in her own recipe book. 

And you know what?

following the SIBO diet and eating my cake too | seekthewelfare

Even as I continue to work through how I relate to food yet again we've discovered new flavors and textures. It turns out there are so many ways to begin a soup, each one with something new to offer. There also isn't as much need as I thought for cheese on everything, and we've been playing around with fish sauce and apple cider vinegar with wonderful results. 

So life is going to be alright and our table is still filled with delicious food despite my doubts. My pinterest boards are filling up again with new menus and foods to try. I can't wait to share some of the new recipes and discoveries we've found and made. Yes, there is cake as promised.

So here's to food as medicine and eating to build community.

Have you ever had to change your diet for a long or short time? What did you learn from it? Let us know and join the conversation over on facebook.