embroidery thread organization

I've been on a plastic purge kick for a couple of weeks now and have so enjoyed poking around into the far corners of our little apartment and uprooting replaceable or unnecessary plastic items.

So far my absolute favorite replacement has been how I organize my embroidery thread.

plastic free embroidery thread organization | seekthewelfare

Previously I used the classic solution of little plastic bags on a metal loop. It works quite well, keeps each thread labeled clearly, and packs away small. However, it can become quite a trick to keep the threads inside untangled and flipping through the whole ring to find that one perfect color can get frustrating. 

So my solution? Turning to yet another classic thread organizing trick that has the added benefit of being completely plastic free: the beautiful wooden clothespin.

How To


Simply wrap each thread around the shaft and clamp the bitter end in the mouth of the pin.

Any smaller lengths can simply be wrapped around three fingers into a little bundle and clamped into the mouth of the pin along with the bitter end.

To keep track of the colors, simply write the corresponding number at the tip.

And that's it! So simple, so beautiful, and completely plastic free.

Now when I reach for my embroidery thread I can find the color I'm looking for instantly. Not only that, but there's no more time spent trying to find the ends of each bundle or untangling great wads of thread when all I want to do is actually embroider or get some mending done.

I thought the pins might end up taking a lot more space than the plastic bags did which could become tricky with how small our apartment is. However, all twenty three of my colors fit in a quart mason jar with plenty of space for more. Win win.

Besides, the inspiration I get from just looking at all of the beautiful colors jumbled together in their glass jar is enough to make the switch.

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