joyful minimalism

Nearly every week I find myself walking to a local thrift store with a backpack full of items and each week I'm surprised to find more things filling up the little shelf that acts as our holding area for the next bag to go.

I have always loved getting rid of things I don't need, from emotional baggage to physical objects. It is one of the big reasons that I have so loved moving towards zero waste and plastic-free living. It has made me sit down and really think about what I use, how I use things, and how I can use them more efficiently.

giveaway haul | seekthewelfare

As my focus has shifted from "what I want" to "what will last," I've discovered so many new pockets of the apartment that I can clean out.

The random congregation of pens in the desk
he third glass when we only use two
The baking pan I never use
The mess of rubber bands from farmer's market flowers
The plastic lunch wear that was long ago replaced by glass jars
The large dinner plates we never use because we have the lunch size
The clothes that I never wear
The book we never read

But for me it's not about minimizing to the point of emptiness. My goal is not to be able to list all of my possessions on a single piece of paper or stay within a certain number count. Our apartment is filled with unnecessary things -- beautiful things -- things that spark memories and conversation. I don't minimize to minimize, but to create space for the beautiful.

giveaway haul | seekthewelfare

Each giveaway haul gives new clarity. Each one grows my appreciation for the things that we have kept and reminds me to use them. It opens up space for objects that will actually fulfill their function. It gives me time to pursue indie makers and local products.

I've always loved giving things away but now that I am intentionally balancing it with bringing fewer, more beautiful things back into our space, I love it even more.

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