the power of one strainer

When we moved into our little apartment we didn't bring much with us. Because of limited space, especially in the kitchen, we work hard to use every single item to its fullest potential. And, because of that work over the past year and a quarter, we have actually gotten rid of some of the things we brought in the first place.

double uses for the kitchen : strainer | seekthewelfare

One of our most versatile workhorses is our LARGE MESH STRAINER. Here are some of the many jobs that it does:

steaming vegetables

straining yogurt

cleaning fruit

making nut milk

cooking zoodles

Because we have this one strainer, we don't need a colander, a steamer, or a nut milk bag. 

When we first moved in I was actively looking for a colander but, thanks to some procrastination and a menu that called for steamed vegetables, I discovered the great depth and wonders of this simple strainer. Extra benefits for it fitting into our one sauce pot. Now there is a little bit of wiggle room in the cabinets and I know three items that I will never need in my kitchen.