if hedges could grow free

The tree outside of our windows has fascinated me ever since I realized that it doesn't drop its leaves in the fall. At any given time, a few of the leaves are a powerful red, filtering one-by-one down to the patio below when the wind blows, but it is never bare.

I have always loved this tree tree.

Lacy branches scratch at our window during cold winter nights and flashing leaves toss light onto our walls during the summer. I can only imagine how delightful the shade is below.

There are very few days when I do not look out the window and delight in seeing green.

the hedge that lives its dreams | seekthewelfare

But never losing its leaves seemed strange.

It wasn't until I spotted flowers on a nearby hedge that I realized...this tree? It's a hedge. A hedge that has found its freedom. 

A liberated hedge.

Free from the boxy fate of its siblings and cousins. Free to reach up four stories of tan wall to peek in our windows. Free to wave back and forth with the slightest breezes. 

Somehow I love its leaves out of our window even more than I ever did before.

Someday I would like to liberate a hedge myself. They seem to take such exhilarating joy in the process and possibilities.