cotton bulk bags

I have recently discovered that I underestimate the benefit of positive sensory experiences. I knew that I would enjoy using the cotton bulk bags that I whipped up last weekend, but I didn't realize how much of that enjoyment would be wrapped up in simply enjoying how they feel between my fingers. The transition from slippery plastic to soft cotton has been miraculous.

cotton bulk bags | seekthewelfare

Granted, much of my relief comes from eliminating plastic grocery bags from my home, something I've felt guilty about for years. And some of the fun comes from the fact that I made them out of a brand new fitted sheet that a guest left behind after staying with us. And some of the excitement comes from discovering just how simple it is to make a beautiful finished product with french seams.

Even so, walking through the market clutching the soft cotton between my fingers and seeing the bright spring vegetable colors against the for-now white of their draw-string tops is a new and wonderful experience.

cotton bulk bags | seekthewelfare

With other projects on my docket (soon to be announced) and exciting development happening at work, I didn't have time to photograph the entire process of making these bags. Thankfully, Kim over on Lovelihood has a wonderful tutorial photos and all.