the joy of making it yourself

A friend brought friends over for dinner last month. I hope I never get over the enjoyment of getting to know people as you all relax over a good meal. 

how to make beautifully affordable luxurious curtains | seekthewelfare

After talking about work, passions, endeavors, and frustrations, the conversation moved towards questions about our apartment. They will be getting married this coming summer quickly followed by setting up a home together and were curious about our experience.

There are very few days when I don't look around and think about how much I love the space we've created but what I found so fascinating was the elements that struck them most, particularly the curtains that I put up around each window. Most everything about them was outside of their experience....from how I used bed sheets to hand-sewing the top loop...each step of the process surprised and delighted them.

how to make beautifully affordable luxurious curtains | seekthewelfare

I so quickly forget how blessed I am to have grown up in a home where I was encouraged to make things myself and use what was at hand. As soon as we moved in I knew I wanted curtains (who wants to deal with all of that echo?) and I never even considered buying pre-made curtains. They tend to be exorbitantly priced, crazily patterned, too short, or all three at once. 

Yes, six cheap off-white flat sheets aren't just pocket change at $60, but it means that we have curtains for three windows for what would have been the price of one panel. And they're soft

how to make beautifully affordable luxurious curtains | seekthewelfare

What I Did

Buy two twin flat sheets for each window

Fold the top hem over about three inches and, using a whip stitch, secure it into a loop (this took about two Gilmore Girl's episodes)

Slip two sheets onto each curtain rod

Hang the curtain rod as high as you can while allowing the bottom hem of the sheet-now-curtain to brush the ground (I suggest taking the curtains off the rod again while you're actually hanging it.

To cover any ugly blinds and/or the top of the window frame, safety pin the two inner edges together about six inches down from the top edge.

And there you have it. Beautifully affordable luxurious curtains.