plant hanger

plant hanger | seekthewelfare

Osric (our spider plant) has been looking a little sad lately sitting  in the top of our hanging fruit basket. The kitchen just doesn't get enough light for him. 

I'd wanted to hang him in the window for a while which led me to drool over this beautiful pot for a month or so (not to mention most of Function Pottery's offerings). Then, one day as I sat looking up at Osric's sad state, I realized that I could create a new sun-filled spot for him with what I already had in the apartment. 

With only a few moments, a glance at this tutorial to get my bearings, and a few feet of cotton string, a simple pot transformed into one of my favorite pieces in our apartment.

I am constantly amazed at the power of using what you have and how the simplest things are often the most beautiful.