leek and asparagus soup

Leafy greens and tender shoots are back in the farmer's markets again! It has been tubers and roots for about a month now and it is such a pleasure to see spring's explosion of colors and textures once again filling up the stands.

leek and asparagus soup | seekthewelfare

This soup is a celebration of those spring colors and textures while still providing a warm, filling comfort for the cold mornings and evenings that summer hasn't gotten to yet.

It's simple, easy, and accessible to anyone who's up for eating something green. I spiced up the color and flavor interest with dashes of hot red smoked paprika against the spinach green, but you can choose to leave it out if you would like a more calming flavor palate.

This soup was perfect for one of our dinner parties. As people came and went, I never had to worry about whether there would be enough if another group showed up. I could sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation forming, shifting, and melding with the people around our table. Seven people and multiple servings later we still had leftovers for the following days.

leek and asparagus soup | seekthewelfare

an original recipe

a drizzle of olive oil

Heat over medium in a large stock pot.

3 leeks

Clean and chop into thin rings, using white and light green parts only.
Put into your warmed stock pot and stir to coat.

2 bunches asperagus

Trim off the tough ends and chop into one inch lengths.
Add to the leeks.

Fresh black pepper
Sea salt

Season generously and stir until fragrant, about 5 minutes.

4 c broth (chicken, mushroom, vegetable, etc.)

Add to the vegetables and let simmer 20 minutes until asparagus is beginning to soften.

16+ oz of spinach
2 t smoked paprika

Stir in and turn off the heat.
Let sit 5 minutes.
Carefully blend with an immersion blender or carefully pour into an upright blender. Blend until creamy.

Green onions or scallions
Smoked Paprika

Garnish and serve