the sick box -- vol. 3

Time for a (long overdue) newsletter!

It has been quite the four months...

so much so that newsletters have been far down my list of things to-do, quite buried by craft shows, figuring out the details of international shipping, and making more and more of everything. 

Some Stats

110 days  

88 sales

28 five star reviews

the most popular
Notebooks, Rice BunniesThe Original Sick Box, and Sprinkle Pills

Here Comes 2017!


buy one give one

This new year brings new opportunities! Now, whenever you get something that is $20+ for you or a friend, The Sick Box will be giving an item away to someone who needs it. 

in development

New boxes are on their way! Currently I'm working on one of the original ones I'd planned on making: The Bad Date Box. Whether you use the items to make the date amazing or recovering after a bad one, it's a collection of things you need to stay balanced. 

I do what I do to take care of you all and I want to hear what you need!


Last year was full of change and tension and fear for so many of us.

May this coming year bring its challenges in bite-sized doses and may we all learn how to better take care of ourselves in order to love those around us.

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