pin cushion improvements

I made a second pie pin cushion!

pin cushion improvements | seekthewelfare

This time it went to Holly Anne of the lovely String & Story. As an impressionist quilter (just as fantastic as it sounds), a happy little pincushion was just the thing. I also made some exciting improvements to the original design.

pin cushion improvements | seekthewelfare

The outer shell was previously stuffed with woodshavings from an old tomato pin cushion that I had from years ago. They filled a perforated plastic bag and made quite the mess when I moved it from the old shell into its cute new home.

However! This time, after forming the outside shell, I filled it with a linen tea bag stuffed with crushed nut shells.

Not only did it completely remove the need for plastic, it also sharpens and cleans the pins AND will be extremely easy to remove and place in its next shell when the pie comes to end of its days.

pin cushion improvements | seekthewelfare

Here's to sewing and pie and plastic-free.