a seattle afternoon

My cousin came to visit and we did all of my touristy rainy day favorites. (not pictured: the locks in the rain because November and because the salmon are running).

The public market. As the trees lose their leaves, the public market fills with vibrant root vegetables and the neon signs are all the brighter in the cloud cover.

The smell of doughnuts always draws me back to this little corner of the world and I always get excited to share it with someone new.

Another perfect place to get out of the rain? Seattle Coffee Works.

a seattle afternoon | seekthewelfare

Being the good humans that they are, they let us dip our hot doughnuts in their delicious coffee. It is hard to beat that.

Though, in my book, this picture does just that.

Here's to family, visiting familiar corners of the world, and cozy corners to curl up in.