chocolate soft serve

paleo chocolate soft serve | seekthewelfare

Chocolate soft serve holds a very particular place in my heart. From post-doctor appointment rewards to hardware store runs with my dad to my go-to college comfort food, it has always provided a sweet and rewarding calm. I still craved its smooth, cold texture after I had to drastically change my diet. That is, until I discovered the simple magic of frozen bananas and cocoa powder.

It is so simple and so delicious that I can make it faster than my friends can buy their own soft serve. The only trick is keeping your freezer stocked with bananas.

I have also discovered more recently how wonderful it is with a generous scoop of high quality raw cocoa. I've started getting it in bulk from our local co-op. Don't get me wrong: Hershey's can also make a delicious ice cream, but  makes a delicious ice cream, but now that I've tried this one, I don't know if I can go back.

Not to mention the joy of zero wasting it.

paleo chocolate soft serve | seekthewelfare

one serving


1 frozen banana

Cut in half and put into a high powered blender Blend on low, adding 1-2 T of cold water if needed to encourage blending Scrape down the sides to incorporate and smooth all of the banana

2-5 T cocoa

Add and bend on low Scoop into a bowl or a cone and eat immediately