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seattle bingo | seekthewelfare

It has been almost a year and a half since I moved into this little apartment in Seattle. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of and cultural exchanges to enjoy, and yet I so often find myself coming home from work, taking my shoes off, and deciding I don't ever want to leave the apartment again until I absolutely have to. Needless to say, I frequently feel twinges of guilt over not enjoying the city more...over not exploring its many wonders, or knowing the inside scoop. My roommate Katie Jay and I are constantly passing places and telling each other that we'll go there some day...that we'll put it on our list. But, sadly, tomorrow hardly ever comes.  But, thanks to that same wonderful roommate, that guilt? No longer necessary. This past March, she put together a city bingo board filled up with all of those "someday" places...from restaurants like The Tin Table (amazing little bar up there), Radiator Whiskey (tucked away in Pike Place), and The Culture Club (brand spanking new) to the Space Needle (Katie Jay had never been to the top) and Century Ballroom (one of our favorite places). Suddenly, not only is there incentive to go because I dearly dearly love checking things off of lists, but there is a list to begin with.

seattle bingo | seekthewelfare

And believe me, it's working like a charm. When people ask me "so where do you want to go to dinner?" I can grab my bullet journal, look in its grid, and remember those little spots tucked away that I've always wanted to try. When we have a day off and want an adventure but have no idea where to start because of all of the possibilities, we have the board.

how it works

Each month has its own grid and our goal is to get five in a row within that month. So far this has proved quite a trick, but not getting five in a row certainly didn't keep us from having a wonderful time trying.

Below the grid we write down new places we want to fold into the next month's grid.

Each week that we do not get five in a row, we set aside $5 into a fund. That fund can only be opened when we do get five in a row and can only be used for completing a bingo square. For instance, it means we could go to the Paramount, or perhaps to a Mariner's game, or the Seattle Opera, or anywhere else that is usually just out of our reach.

seekthewelfare | city bingo

So how is it going so far...have we gotten more adventurous? Well, in March we went to ten brand new places (most of which have been on our "list" since before we moved here) and saved $40 towards a future adventure. I'm calling it a success.