dear march

dear march | seekthewelfare

March has been filled with a great many things.  Yes, many of them were difficult and life has felt extremely unstable lately, but many of them were familiar and comforting as well. This month brought with it a new commitment to shopping at our local co-op. A definite effort for me as the bill is higher...but here's to not having to deal with all of that trash! Which absolutely feels worth it once I've talked myself down while walking home. Just because I am used to cheap food does not mean that that is good food. I am blessed to have the resources to shop locally and therefore support all of those who produce locally. These are all good things -- often even better than saving that extra $10.

Time in the woods was also a thing this month with a couple days on retreat with a lot of strangers, a few friends, and a dose of silence together.

We've had many friends over including a stretch of ten days where out of town friends were staying with us. The guest nook continues to serve us well. Our friends got to try it in its new gussied up state, our warning sign proved extremely helpful, and we've gathered even more ideas for the future.

dear march | seekthewelfare

While work has been demanding, I've also been able to find time to create. A little warren of rabbits has appeared to keep Fitz company as I work to perfect his pattern.

Our old chairs have retired. They were so good to us but we knew something had to change when we could no longer lean back in them. This picture of them huddling forlornly by the dumpster still makes me sad, especially when I note their crocheted booties that we made for the gentleman downstairs.

I may have drunk this latte back in February, but I'm still dreaming about here it is in March as well. Cinnamon, almond milk (who knew it frothed so beautifully?), honey, and roasted-on-location coffee. The only question is where to fit a frother in our kitchen...

dear march | seekthewelfare

This month I discovered the absolute joy of making extra pizza crusts and saving them for a rainy day. Suddenly pizza transformed from a fancy, all-afternoon affair to a lazy Sunday slap-together delicious left-over meal. Stone Soup but pizza. I'm in love.

dear march | seekthewelfare

We also went on a shocking number of adventures this month after starting a "new place bingo board" which I'll share with you soon.

Yes. A good month. The flowers are back in the markets, the sun has started to come out just a little stronger in this last week, the solemnity of Good Friday was once again overwhelmed by the excited joy of Easter. Life continues to be cyclical and I am learning to remind myself of that.