setting up a tiny guest room

setting up  tiny guest room | seekthewelfare

Here is something we've been working on since we first moved into this apartment over a year ago: How do you make a guest welcome and comfortable when you can only offer them two cubic feet of space to themselves? I've posted a few times about different aspects of having guests -- and particularly long-term guests -- in a tiny space.

But what about other ways to help them settle in and feel at home? Here are some of the little things we keep on hand.

KEYS! | Everyone can come and go as they need and no one gets locked out.

A LUNCH BAG | This provides a simple and convenient way to avoid eating out all the time. Saves money, saves waste, saves sanity.

AN EMPTY SPACE JUST FOR THEM | even if it is just a single shelf in the closet.

A FULL TRANSPORTATION CARD | because no one wants to have to try and figure out a new transportation system late at night.

AN ALARM CLOCK | I always find it such a comfort to have access to one when I'm staying with other people. We wanted to make sure that was available here too.

THINGS TO DO | What with early morning work schedules for both of us and so many wonderful things to see and do around the city, we gathered up information on some of our favorite places and keep them available.

A LIGHT OF THEIR OWN | Just right for late-night reading or comfort in a strange place. Make sure they can access it from where they're sleeping.