dear february... were an interesting month. My phone is filled extra full with pictures of you. Even more than January. Travel and bustle and stretches of being alone in the apartment. Adventuring around California, my first Uber ride, and seeing where my little brother is living and working.
dear february | seekthewelfare

Trying to paint out my grandparent's window and finding the colors changing every five minutes, each rendition a beautiful compliment to the last. Delicious new food experiments (hello waffles I have missed you) and good classics for the train ride up the coast.

A lot of time with friends broke up long work days, all beautifully tracked in my bullet journal, a new favorite habit. From the tradition of pear cider from another little apartment to expanding the cake line.

Your weather was lovely...rainy with a chance of clear. You've been kind and stressful and I'm learning to breathe under the strain.