a watercolor bullet journal

I use watercolor in my bullet journal. While art journal keepers use it all the time, bullet journal keepers don't seem to. It's not completely unheard of, but still quite uncommon. Most likely because ofo the trick of transportation. However, as I already take my watercolors with me so many places, it's been an easy transition for me. Here's what it look like with some of the traditional bullet journal spreads.

I've integrated a wellness tracker into my habit tracker by simply filling it in at the end of the day with the color that I've designated for a particular emotional state. It has been a wonderful discipline to think back on my day at the end of it. Often I find that I've done much better over the course of the day than I'm feeling right at that moment.

I use these same colors on my monthly spread, putting the day's color on the coordinating date's number...another quick glance to connect what I did and how I was doing.

Like a lot of people, I track what's where in my journal by adding colors to the edges of the pages. While I didn't find this particularly useful until now, it is absolutely worth it. I've repeatedly caught myself looking for that one health list or that one book of page notes and it's even faster to look it up by color than going to the index.

how i use watercolor in my bullet journal | seekthewelfare

This is one of my favorite collections so far made possible by color. Because I often get sick, this helps me track what I was sick with as well as when. At the end of the year I can look back and try to find patterns. It also gives me an easy cheat-sheet to show doctors. Though, the nicest thing about it so far is that it's showing me that I'm not sick as often as I thought. Here's to that!