a travel bullet journal kit

As soon as I heard about the bullet journal system, I knew I wanted to use it. I saw how people like Kara and Kim were taking the idea and making it their own.I dove in this past January, and have been thrilled with it. I use it for keeping up with my to-do list, scheduling for work, writing down menu or blog ideas, noting down that book my co-worker recommended, and pretty much everything else too.

my bullet journal kit | seekthewelfare

But here's the tricky part: while a lot of bullet journalists use colored pencils or markers to add color to their pages, I decided I wanted to use watercolor. And I wanted to be able to travel with it too. So, as I do with pretty much everything else, I made a little kit out of a re-used tin.

how i use watercolor for my bullet journal | seekthewelfare

PAINT | I've been using and loving Daniel Smith, but any watercolor, liquid or dry, will work.

PALATE | I already keep my watercolors in half- and full-pans with magnet on the back so, to get paint into the new tin, I just lifted the eight out that I use in my bullet journal out of my already-existing travel watercolor tin and popped them into the new tin. That way I only ever need one pan of each color.

how i use watercolor for my bullet journal | seekthewelfare

PEN | Faber-Castell. A gift from Katie Jay.

PENCIL | Another Zebra. It came with the Zebra pen that I carry with me every day.

BRUSH | I cut down the end of a cheap brush to fit the tin.

ERASER | From a geometry kit I use.

RULER | Because I don't know about you, but I can't draw straight lines.

WATER | The trickiest part of any traveling watercolor endeavor. I've chosen to use a little metal tin; the same kind I put my lip balm in, actually.

BLOTTER | Just a tissue, folded over and getting more colorful by the day.

how i use watercolor for my bullet journal | seekthewelfare

Once it's all in there, I just snap a rubber band around the whole thing, toss it in my bag, and I'm off.