a simple morning routine

a simple morning routine | seekthewelfare

So many people have been talking about the importance of a morning routine lately. How much of a difference it makes, how it sets you up for a productive day, how it improves your health... everyone has their own version. My question was how to find the routine that would naturally meld with my own rhythm. So here's what I did: I looked at all of the things that I wanted to be sure I did in a day and folded each one into either my morning or my evening routine. And that's it. By breakfast I've already done vital self-care and by the time I get to bed, I'm nourished and calmed.

Perhaps you do better with energetic movement first thing. Perhaps you need to stimulate your mind. Figure out what works best for you. What makes you want to wake up and ease into the day. I encourage you to try it out for this new month.

In the meantime, here are the habits I've chosen to fill my morning with...

Drink Water | because I don't do enough of this as it is.

Intentional Movement | extremely relaxed yoga is my go-to. No need for fancy equipment, no need for a class or nice gym. If it's five minutes of child's pose because I'm still practically asleep, that's okay. I spend most of my time lifting heavy pans, bowls, and market tents so quiet and intentionality are vital.

Write + Reflect | I practice Lectio Divina each morning but going over the previous day or talking through the coming day by writing down your thoughts can also be extremely balancing and healthy.

Breakfast + Vitamins | Most often eggs with spinach. Sometimes yogurt or sausage. Always quiet and accompanied by tea.

Clean | A splash of cold water or a warm shower and suddenly the day looks clearer.

Dress | Doing this last gives me more time in my sleep-warmed pajamas...always a plus in my book.