tiny travel cosmetics

tiny travel cosmetics | seekthewelfare

I like to travel tiny. Partly because I like the challenge and partly because I dislike checking bags. For years the largest thing I pack is my cosmetics bag. Not necessarily because there was a great number of things in it, but because the bag and bottles could only get so small. It's only been recently since I've been able to get it to a size that I really like. Here's what's in there.

TOOTHPASTE | I use an empty container from a night cream Katie Jay uses.

LIP BALM | It's part of my morning and evening ablutions, and is also so wonderful to have available in dry airports or public transit.

LIQUID CASTILE SOAP | Body wash, shampoo, face wash...you name it.

DRY SHAMPOO | I make it myself and have recently made the happy discovery that it makes wonderful foundation powder as well. I simply use what's left on my palms after running it through my hair.

MASCARA | I like to have it on hand to provide a more polished look.

A COMB | Especially important for trips near the beach.

LOTION | I've put a dollop in a little clear pill container so I don't have to take the whole bottle.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL | I like to keep some with me, especially while traveling, because I find they help my body cope when I accidentally (or purposefully) eat foods that my body struggles with.

And another lovely thing? These amounts are plenty  to last me for at least a month. Just toss a bamboo toothbrush in there -- there's plenty of room in the little bag -- and you're good to go. A zero-waste, adventure-ready, tiny cosmetics bag.