a steamlined, no-fuss bathroom cabinet


I don't like spending a lot of time getting ready. Neither of us do really. However, I do enjoy looking polished and dressing up. So here are my solutions to balancing the two.

basics to stay presentable without all the fuss

toothpaste | I have recently begun making my own and am loving it.

deodorant | another new recipe for me.

mascara |  once this one runs out I'll be trying this recipe.

nude nail polish (Sally Hansen) | protects nails with all of the dish washing and bakery work.

ways to either tame hair that hasn't been washed or fancy up an everyday look

dry shampoo | I first made this recipe while preparing for a backpacking trip around Europe after studying abroad. Since then the smell of cocoa always makes me dream of Scotland.

ocean salt hair spray | I find that this recipe has just the right amount of hold for my hair without any fuss or chemicals.

everything to get the dirt off

sugar scrub | just pour granulated sugar into your gentle cleanser and add a couple drops of essential oil. Done and done.

deep pore scrub (Burt's Bees) | for the days when the sugar just doesn't cut it.

cleansing cream (Burt's Bees) | gentle and kind and soft.

in the bathroom cabinet  via seekthewelfare

protecting newly washed skin 

coconut oil | this is still my favorite lotion option. This time I added in a few drops of tea tree oil and am loving the calming effect it has on my skin.

beeswax and olive oil balm | both Katie Jay and I use this one all the time. It's a wonderful lip balm, cuticle cream, and intense hand cream. I have also started using it as an eye cream.

night cream (Burt's Bees) | very calming and just right after a long, dirty day.

for fancy occasions

a fresh, citrus scent (L'occitane) | clean and bright

blush | I am still using the same recipe (and the same container) that I posted about two years ago.

foundation | another recipe I still use and love after two years.

eyeshadow | a mystery brand and color that I've been using since junior high. I'm still in love with it. Not sure what I'll do when I finally use it all up.

for that extra treat or really bad days

bag balm | a staple, though I find I use my new beeswax balm more often now.

hand cream (Dr. Teal's and Jenna Hipp) | much loved stocking stuffers for those days when you just need a little boost; especially for baker's hands.

dead sea mud mask (radha beauty) | another stocking stuffer and a new Monday habit (so soft!)