how we pantry small

how we pantry small | seekthewelfare
Without a lot of cabinet space to work with, storing our dry food-stuffs can be a little tricky, especially when I need to make so much from scratch. Now, there are plenty of square inches in which to fit everything, but the trick is being able to find it again once it goes into the cabinet. The second trick is both of us being able to find it.

When we first moved in we snagged some bins to use so that we could easily pull everything out at a moment's notice. This proved especially useful for baking supplies. The newest (and most exciting) edition to the set-up is the re-used jars for all of our nuts, dried fruits, chocolate and such. They're so easy to find, use, replace, and re-fill with bulk items. As we eat more olives and pickles (the best jars so far), we'll be able to fit more items in if we need like shredded coconut for breakfast cookies or raisins for raisin scones.

As for other common pantry items, we keep our spices up on the counter within easy reach along with tea [Harbor Herbalist is one of our favorites], our baking flours, and various types of vinegar and olive oil.

So there you have it. A pantry in three square feet or less. Pretty and functional both.