zero waste toothpaste

zero waste toothpaste | seekthewelfare

Once I'd switched out our old plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones, it felt silly to stick them into the jar with a large plastic tube that we would use once and throw away only to buy another one. So now I am making our toothpaste.


It has certainly taken about a week to get used to the new taste and slightly different texture, but I find that I enjoy it more every day. It certainly helps that it's in a pretty little container.

It has a savory bent to it, unlike your traditional mint paste because one of its main ingredients is baking soda.  I've already used baking soda straight as my tooth powder while camping and really enjoyed that, but something about putting it into a paste makes my brain think "sweet," utterly confusing it when it is in fact salty. But, as I train my brain to associate that with clean teeth and getting to sleep soon, it feels refreshing. Katie Jay has also enjoyed the transition, though she's only just started using it.

I tried a couple recipes that I did not like before I feel for this one by Lauren of Trash is for Tossers. You can find her recipe HERE. Here's the version I've ended up with:


2 T coconut oil, softened
1 T baking soda
1 t peppermint extract

stir all together into a paste store in a jar

For my friends who don't like peppermint: I did try making a vanilla version. I didn't particularly like it because it smelled like cookie dough and tasted like the sea. Both wonderful separately, but together I found it jarring. I want to try it again when I've gotten more used to the baking soda.