everyday carry

everyday carry
I do my best to carry as few things as possible, especially because I usually walk two miles or more a day. So what makes the cut?

ZEBRA F-301 BALLPOINT PEN small, sturdy, and no ink blobs. I was given my first one about two years ago and I haven't looked back.

MOLESKINE NOTEBOOK, DOTTED i've started bullet journaling and it's proving revolutionary. I've only just begun, so I'm going to give it a little time before I post about it specifically, but get ready. It's a beautiful thing.

PANASONIC IN-EAR HEADPHONES a must when you're working repetitive tasks early in the morning without anyone to talk to. i have had so many pairs in the last year, it's a little embarrassing. They fall out of my pocket, into the dishes, and accidentally get swept into the trash by coworkers...but they are wonderful headphones with good sound, good fit, and they don't break the bank.

ANALOG WATCH no need to look at a screen to see the time. No worries about being stranded with a dead phone battery. No link for you on this one. I got it four years ago in a big box store and it's been taking care of me ever since. A particularly good memory: the moment I discovered that it had a night glow button. I was on a plane and got far too excited. Even the gentleman's confusion next to me when I turned to show him how cool it was that my watch could glow dampened my joy.

GLASSES CLEANING CLOTH because you would not believe how much cocoa powder sticks to glasses.

SPIDERCO KNIFE another must for work. And walking home late at night. And opening mail.

SMALL WALLET i snagged this one down at Pike Place market. Someday I will get a sturdier one. For now, this one keeps everything together, remains compact, and looks quite nice doing so.

LIBRARY CARD a warm, dry, safe, book-filled spaces all through the city. Also all the books I can carry home. Yes please.